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  • How does Mr. Smith work?
    Mr Smith is a 100% mobile artificial intelligence English coach that offers your learners personalized and daily interactions in a chat format.
  • Can Mr Smith be used on a PC?
    No. The Mr Smith mobile application is only available on smartphones (IOS or Android). This is part of our micro-learning method: the smartphone is consulted dozens of times a day and accompanies the learners throughout the day. Mr Smith thus sends notifications to the learner's smartphone, like any other messaging application. It has also been optimized to work on tablets.
  • What is the profile of Mr Smith users?
    To use Mr Smith, the learner must have at least an A2 level in order not to feel overwhelmed by the daily interactions of Mr Smith. Mr Smith's editorial line and method are very popular with office workers, executives aged 30 to 60 who find little time during the day to train.
  • What is the average training time for learners on the application?
    Up to 10 hours of training per month.
  • One of my trainees has a technical problem with the application, what should I do?"
    You can send your request to our technical department ( who will respond within 24 hours.
  • How can I follow the progress of mes stagiaires on the application?
    A partner space accessible from your PC is available to you in order to follow in real time the time spent on the application and the results of the evaluations for each trainee.
  • How do you ensure the download of the Mr Smith app?
    We support your trainees in difficulty in the first manipulations of the application by calling them individually. This service is chargeable.
  • How to integrate Mr. Smith in my offers CPF?
    Mr. Smith is a solution that you can integrate into your CPF offers as well as other training courses eligible for state funding. On the other hand, Mr. Smith is not certifying and it is up to you to validate the training program with a certificate from a recognized and validated institution.
  • How will Mr. Smith help me during a Qualiopi or other check?
    We will provide you with all the connection times of your learners, a training certificate, the list of actions carried out by our teams with your learners to fight against breaks in the educational path (email, telephone call, video -conference), a certificate of monitoring innovations in training. Also, Mr Smith will be able to identify a starting and ending level for the training.
  • How long do I have to activate the licenses with my learners?
    You have 12 months to activate your licenses, this allows you to be serene in the consumption of your PACK.
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