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8 mini-capsules on video

What tools for a successful surveillance audit?

More than 100 people for this webinar, a real success and above all a lot of advice for a successful QUALIOPI MONITORING AUDIT.

One hour of discussion with a Qualiopi auditor and director of a training organization that has already passed its surveillance audit.


2.15 minutes

The Qualiopi surveillance audit
Know the terms.

3.32 minutes

The requirements of Qualiopi certifiers

Points of vigilance?

The key indicators?

The logos?

5.25 minutes

Advice to play down the Qualiopi audit

The practical case of the organization "Dakit"

1.49 minutes

The main Qualiopi threats

Independent trainers

The certifiers?

Time is money

3.35 minutes

Internal tools to succeed Qualiopi

  • steering

  • archiving

3.04 minutes

The state of mind when approaching the Qualiopi surveillance audit

5.01 minutes

Risks and challenges of Qualiopi

Advice to better understand

its Qualiopi audit

5.25 minutes

Mr. Smith, the E-learning solution for Qualiopi

The 10 indicators on which Mr. Smith will accompany you


The webinar on Thursday March 24 with feedback from Ghizlen Lomri was a success. We invite you to see or review the replay videos that we have categorized according to the topics discussed.

2.59 minutes

How did you manage the transition to remote?

2.12 minutes

What is the E-learning solution that changed everything for you?

2.45 minutes

Qualiopi & E-learning: how did you manage to overcome the new constraints?

3.22 minutes

What are your tips for better selling the Mr. Smith solution?

4.05 minutes

What are the advantages of the Mr. Smith solution and how do you manage the monitoring of learners?

6.39 minutes

What are your CPF offers and how do you find your customers?

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