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A unique e-learning platform.

Discover how Mr. Smith and your trainers can create a new kind of training. Thanks to the unique training tool developed by Binôme AI, Mr. Smith and the trainers' interventions are integrated into the learning journey.

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A learning software made for pedagogical teams.

Trainers have a dashboard that centralises their interactions with learners. Mobile learning becomes hybrid with Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith's microlearning content allows trainers to prepare courses, taking into account the progress and tastes of each learner for personalised English training. 

A training in line with your strategy.


Our technology and Mr. Smith's training program allow for daily language immersion. You can be assured that the training content is high quality, tailored and personalised. Our mobile application for English learning is the ideal tool to complement the trainers' sessions. 

In addition, trainers can send extra content to trainees directly via the app.

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