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A methodology focused on the learner.

Our pedagogical teams have a unique know-how: creating the simplest and most personalized learning paths possible. The Binôme AI format allows up to 5 times more engagement in trainings. 

hours available

training contents

1,500 +

Learn without realizing it.

Language immersion is the basis of our teaching method. We recreate it digitally with contents in English throughout the day. Learning routines set in over time and the learner improves in a natural way.

Formation anglais - L'application Mr Smith - La pédagogie - Apprendre sans s'en rendre compte

Micro-learning at the heart of the learner's success.

A training schedule adapted to our uses and our busy lives: short contents are sent throughout the day and stored in the knowledge center. The learner is autonomous throughout their training.

Preparation for TOEIC Listening & Reading.

The Mr. Smith training program prepares for several TOEIC Listening & Reading tests: questions / answers, oral comprehension, written comprehension, text completion. The subjects Mr. Smith shares also correspond to the themes of the TOEIC test.

Formation anglais - L'application Mr Smith - La pédagogie - Préparation au TOEIC

Learn independently, accompanied.

Mr. Smith is a coach and a training companion: he builds a relationship of trust with the learner. Their affective filter decreases considerably with the help of this virtual coach who focuses on the learner's successes.

Formation anglais - L'application Mr Smith - La pédagogie - apprentissage conversationnel

Assessment on 6 language skills.

The learner's knowledge is assessed every three months, on 6 language skills. It is thus possible to adapt to their level very precisely to work on what they need most. The language levels assigned by Mr Smith are based on the CEFR.

Formation anglais - L'application Mr Smith - La pédagogie - Evaluation sur 6 compétences languagières

Improve Business English skills

Among the personal interests available to choose in order to adapt the training to the learner's tastes, categories are dedicated to Business English. 

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