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Boost your English training offers

50% artificial intelligence

50% certified instructor

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Discover Mr. Smith in 3 minutes

An innovative offer for your learners

Build new commercial offers that combine mobile learning with coaching or language learning sessions.


Stand out as an innovative organization and offer Mr. Smith before or after your trainings in order to build customer loyalty. 

Offer a blended learning program by reducing your trainees' in-class hours and adding Mr. Smith training hours.


Mr. Smith becomes your trainers' assistant. Trainers follow their learners' evolution with Mr. Smith and offer corresponding courses.

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American School in France is an official partner of Mr. Smith since 2021. Based between the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region and Jacksonville in Florida, Ghizlen had started with 50 Mr. Smith licenses for her trainees.


In 2022, Mr. Smith will support more than 1,000 trainees at American School. Our turnover will double despite the health crisis. In addition, the team is already supporting me for the state grant audit.

Ghizlen LOMRI
President of American School in France

We have been working with HUH for 5 months already in order to digitalise our training center faster. In 2022, their services will help us rethink digital learning and provide our 5,000 learners with solutions that are better adapted to people's new uses after the pandemic. 

Natacha Vandoolaeghe
Managing director of Linguistic Loustic & Déclic

Formation anglais - L'application Mr Smith - L'application mobile - Linguistic Loustic & Declic


integrating Mr. Smith in their training offers

Partenaires officiels


Mr. Smith is a brand of the BINÔME AI group
33 Avenue Pierre Brossolette, 94000 Créteil, France.

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Become the official partner of an English learning solution that's been awarded several times globally.

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